Pre-Winter Show Teardrop Trailer Sale

Well, with Winter approaching, and all shows and expos wrapped up, I’m thinking it may be a good time to sell my show trailers before snow starts flying here in northern Michigan…

I have three trailers sitting here… each are in ‘like new’ condition…

The trailers are the black trailer here,

the orange trailer here,

and the metallic gray here.

The orange trailer is a 5′ x 10′, the other two are 5′ x 9′.

I’ll sell any of the trailers for 30% off their retail price.

Just hit me up with a message here if you’re interested in any of the 3.

Used Teardrop Trailers For Sale

Used Teardrop Trailer For Sale

Extreme Tears  sells some of the nicest offroad teardrop trailers you will find;  and certainly the nicest available for the price.  We also rent some of our trailers for people who want to check them out and see if they are right for them, or that just want to try one before they buy one. Periodically, to keep the inventory nice, varied, and like new, we will sell off one of our rental units. Some of these units may never have been camped in, but just used for displays at shows and expos.  These units will be very gently used and will be like new… in fact, if we put a used trailer amongst the new trailers, you won’t be able to tell the difference.  We sell these gently used trailer for around 20% off their regular retail price plus you won’t have to pay shipping (approximately a $750 savings).

If you’re looking for a used teardrop trailer, drop us a note thru the contact us page to see if anything might be available.